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Children must be 3 years of age by:
June 1st for summer enrollment
November 1st for fall enrollment

Children must be toilet trained prior to enrollment.

Olivet Baptist Preschool endeavors to have a comprehensive curriculum that is age-appropriate. Since preschool is one of the child's first group social experiences, working together and cooperation are major emphases.

We provide a program for 3 year olds with a ratio of 12 students per teacher, and a program for 4 year olds with a ratio of 16 children per teacher.

Because we are a Christian preschool, a distinctive feature of our program is that our curriculum includes Bible Stories and Bible related activities.

Units of study include topics such as: Learning about self, families, plants, animals, the ocean, the 5 senses, communication, transportation, community helpers, etc. Excursions are provided that coordinate with the units of study.

A monthly newsletter informs parents of school activities and curriculum concepts introduced every month.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or disability.


A 8:00am-11:30am One snack
Tuition: $305.00 a month

B 8:00am-2:30pm One snack & lunch
Tuition: $405.00 a month

C 7:00am-5:00pm Two snacks & lunch
Tuition: $465.00 a month

An early drop off fee is available for schedules A & B from 7:00am for $25.00 a month.

All state and federal holidays are observed.

Schedule A & B are "school schedules" and will observe a two-week Christmas break and a one-week spring break in addition to all other holidays and breaks.

Teacher Work Days
The school will close on certain days for teachers to prepare their rooms for the new sessions in June and August. Dates will be announced.

Application checklist
Complete and return the application form with the $25.00 application fee.

Enrollment checklist
Complete and return:
1. registration form
2. enrollment fee
(Fall fee $50.00)
(Summer fee $25.00)

Complete and return enrollment packet
1. Parent contract
2. Form 14 health card
3. Birth certificate
4. Emergency information form
5. Record of child for teacher
6. Media Release

Attend the orientation for new students


    phone: 949-7548      fax: 946-6507      e-mail: director@olivetpreschool.com
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